The Baltimore bridge collapse – a cyber security wake-up call?

by | Apr 9, 2024

The recent Baltimore bridge collapse was a tragic accident that cost the lives of six workers and will reportedly cost at least $400 million to repair. While the official verdict is that there is no evidence of nefarious intent, a number of conspiracy theories are making the rounds, including the usual “terrorist attack” theory, which has still got some in the security business wondering, “Just how difficult would it be for hackers to create a catastrophe like this? The answer is sobering.

Security News publication, The Security Ledger, unfurled a chilling narrative in 2018 entitled:’Container ships easy to hack, track, send off course and even sink, security experts say’ Within the article, Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners paints a stark portrait of vulnerability, where ship security flounders in its infancy, lagging years behind most mainstream IT systems. He says, “the advent of always-on satellite connections has exposed shipping to hacking attacks.”

This revelation serves as a stark wake-up call, a reminder that our battles are not just against the overt cataclysms but also against the silent, creeping threats that seek to exploit the most unassuming weaknesses. The hacker, a modern-day pirate, not only seeks the thrill of disruption but covets the treasure of data, finding fertile ground in the vast expanses of healthcare databases. These digital treasure troves, rich with personal information, present a lucrative bounty for those who can infiltrate their defenses.

Against this landscape of cyber-doom, Westwood has embarked on a quest to fortify the digital battlements of our clients. In partnership with a distinguished cyber security firm, we’ve unveiled a tool of paramount importance for agents—a beacon that illuminates client’s online vulnerabilities, the whispers of threats in the dark corners of the web, and the potential financial abyss that awaits the unguarded. This tool, offering a complimentary online assessment, often serves as a warning of an impending attack.

Confronted with this, most organizations come to the realization that the digital realm, vast and uncharted, holds perils that can unravel the very fabric of their existence. And at the precipice of potential disaster, the true value of cyber coverage is revealed, not as a mere contractual formality but as an essential bastion against the cyber siege that threatens to breach the walls of our interconnected world.

They promptly complete the online application.

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Michael Richards

Michael Richards

President, Westwood Insurance Group

Michael began his insurance career over twenty years ago, working with a risk purchasing group, giving him a wealth of experience in both medical malpractice insurance and captives. Since founding the Westwood Insurance Group in 2001, Michael has developed solid relationships with many underwriters serving the healthcare and senior living marketplaces and is able to effectively help commercial agents with coverage for their clients

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