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The principles that guide us, to ensure we maintain our integrity and professionalism in the marketplace.


We are the boutique insurance broker of choice for commercial agents serving the healthcare industry.

They come to us because they perceive we have superior problem solving abilities for their larger and more complex clients need. This perceived value encourages them to continue working with us as new sophisticated obstacles and opportunities arise. As a result, they share their success stories with peers and we are presented new opportunities from new prospective clients.


  • Integrity – We conduct ourselves with moral, ethical and intellectual excellence.
  • Service – We Serve our clients, prospects, partners, each other and community.
  • Charity – We give our attention, time and resources to those in need.
  • Growth – We create and nurture growth opportunities and embrace positive change.
  • Gratitude – We are grateful for the opportunity to serve those in need with integrity.


  • Client Centric – Client needs drive all behavior.
  • Exceptional – We Anticipate, Prepare and Execute better than anyone
  • Passionate – In our commitment to Excellence


  • Listening
  • Paraphrasing and simplifying complex problems
  • Identifying potential solutions
  • Assembling the resources needed to solve complicated problems

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insurance for hospitals

Hospital Insurance typically covers all or part of the potential liability for hospital services. It includes medical malpractice, accidents involving hospital employees and equipment, care during surgery or any other invasive treatment, after-hours care arrangements by staff who need help with their children and more.

insurance for long term care facilities

Long term care facilities must protect themselves against potential liability arising from incidents within their facility. Westwood can help you negotiate a package tailored to your long term care facility client.

insurance for physicians

The different types of insurance for physicians includes medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, an umbrella policy, and professional indemnity. As a physician, you should have access to all of these types of insurance.