insurance carriers we work with

Our relationship with our insurance carriers gives us access to be able to provide superior coverage and offer the best, most flexible solutions to clients.

We have partnered with many of the top rated healthcare insurance carriers to offer your healthcare clients the best solutions for risk management. Below is a partial list of the carriers we work with. This is not a complete list, but it does include the carriers that we work with the most.

AIG insurance
Applied Underwriters
CFC Insurance
Greenhill Insurance
Ironsure insurance
Lloyds of London
Mid Continent Group
PRI Insurance
Safety National
Strategic Comp Insurance
AmTrust Insurance
Arch Insurance
CNA Insurance
Hallmark Financial Services
James River Insurance
Markel Insurance
NAS Insurance
Prime Insurance
SAGA Program Underwriters
TDC Group insurance
Allied World insurance
Beazley Insurance
Coverys Insurance
Hiscox Insurance
Kinsale Insurance
Medmarc Insurance
National Interstate Insurance
Pro Assurance
SCI Insurance
Travelers Insurance
Berkley Insurance
Cap Specialty Insurance
Diamond State Insurance
Hudson Insurance Group
Liberty Mutual Insurance
MedPro Group
NHRMA Mutual Insurance
Roundstone Insurance
Starstone Insurance

why partner with so many carriers?

While working with so many different carriers could seem overwhelming for individual agents, the Westwood Insurance group has the internal resources to be able to effectively assess the different products that insurance carriers come up with, to find the ones best suited to our clients.

The Healthcare landscape is constantly changing, with new regulations constantly coming into affect, new medical conditions being discovered and new treatments being developed. Each change brings with it the possibility of errors and omissions and the corresponding claims by patients.

Holding on to a traditional insurance policy may seem to be a comfortable alternative and present the least amount of effort for an agent, it can leave medical professionals and organizations open to career ending litigation as the landscape changes.

A good example of this is the growing field of digital healthcare, where traditional general and professional liability policies may not cover the insured for all possible scenarios.

The Westwood Insurance Group constantly monitors changes in the healthcare landscape and changes in policies offered by different insurance carriers, to find the best overall coverage for every individual client.

That’s why insurance agents prefer to have Westwood by their side when they’re navigating the minefield of medical insurance. The stakes are high and competition is fierce. You need to be extremely knowledgeable to remain effective.

If you’re an insurance agent who would like solid support to ensure your clients have the best possible coverage, fill out our application form now.

insurance for hospitals

Hospital Insurance typically covers all or part of the potential liability for hospital services. It includes medical malpractice, accidents involving hospital employees and equipment, care during surgery or any other invasive treatment, after-hours care arrangements by staff who need help with their children and more.

insurance for long term care facilities

Long term care facilities must protect themselves against potential liability arising from incidents within their facility. Westwood can help you negotiate a package tailored to your long term care facility client.

insurance for physicians

The different types of insurance for physicians includes medical malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, an umbrella policy, and professional indemnity. As a physician, you should have access to all of these types of insurance.

traditional insurance products

Westwood have fostered exceptional relationships with underwriters and we go to great lengths to keep abreast of their latest products, changes in requirements and restrictions, including having weekly calls with the carriers, which you can see here, by joining our insurance insider group.

    Insurance products at Westwood Insurance Group

    You can find more information on the Insurance Products main page.

    If you have any questions on the different policies, check out our Insurance FAQ's

    alternative structures

    Westwood President, Michael Richards has extensive experience in setting up alternative structures for larger clients. Here are some examples:

    If you think your client could be large and stable enough to benefit from starting or participating in a captive or has a special need for another alternative structure, contact Michael Richards now by phone: 855 351 7487.