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When you work with a medical malpractice insurance broker, bigger is not better. Medical malpractice (professional liability) insurance is an extremely specialized area, where personal relationships are important. There are a number of insurance carriers catering to the market and they all have their preferences, which change over time. An insurer may offer you a great deal on your coverage today, but next year decide to reduce their exposure in your state and put prices up. Meanwhile another insurer will decide to specialize in that market and offer a much better deal.

Westwood Insurance Group is a boutique brokerage. Medical malpractice insurance is our specialty and we have our finger on the pulse. We regularly hold video conferences with our carriers and input this data into an AI powered system, giving us the ability to quickly source the best coverage for you at the best price.

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Our Approach

Because of our extensive experience in medical malpractice insurance,  we:

  • Provide an exceptional level of customer service.
  • Give you the best options in the market to choose from.
  • Continually monitor the market to provide you with the best options for renewal.
  • Save your valuable time, by keeping the process quick and simple.


Our Advantage

Westwood Insurance Group maintains close relationships with leading insurance carriers. We regularly interview carriers to understand their changing appetites for risk, policy revisions, and pricing strategies. This allows us to stay ahead of market trends and ensure so we can always bring you the best possible options.


Our System

With the extensive information we collect from insurance carriers, a state-of-the-art AI powered system and a dynamic team of experienced producers, we can quickly source the most suitable insurance coverage for you at the best price.

Westwood Insurance Group: A Leading Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker

Westwood Insurance Group stands out as a premier broker in the medical malpractice insurance sector. Their approach exemplifies the advantages outlined above, with a strong focus on client-centric services.

Understanding Client Needs

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of each client’s specific risk profile. This involves gaining a thorough understanding the nature of their medical practice or facility, the types of services provided, and the potential risks involved. This detailed analysis ensures that all insurance solutions offered are perfectly aligned with your needs.

Advocacy and Support

We act as advocates for our clients, providing support throughout the insurance lifecycle—from initial policy selection and underwriting to claims management and resolution. This support can be invaluable, especially when navigating the complexities of a malpractice claim.

Dealing with a medical malpractice insurance broker gives you more options

Ongoing Policy Management

Westwood Insurance Group’s commitment to our clients extends beyond the initial policy placement. We offer ongoing policy management services, ensuring that coverage remains aligned with your evolving needs and we respond swiftly to any changes in the insurance market that might affect you.

A medical malpractice insurance broker you can trust.

For healthcare professionals and facility managers, navigating the complexities of medical malpractice insurance can be a daunting task. Working with a specialized broker like Westwood Insurance Group makes the process fast and simple, from access to a broad range of carriers to customized insurance solutions and dedicated support. In a market characterized by constant change, having a knowledgeable and proactive partner can make all the difference in maintaining the best level of protection against malpractice claims.

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