Insurance for hard to place Physicians

Insurance for hard to place physicians

Westwood will work with you to source the most suitable insurance for hard to place doctors. 

how difficult is it to source insurance for hard to place physicians?

Navigating the complex terrain of medical malpractice insurance can be particularly challenging for physicians who have faced board actions or have a claims history. These professionals, often termed as “hard to place” or high-risk physicians, may find themselves in a precarious position when seeking the necessary insurance to practice medicine. 

Understanding the Challenge

Medical malpractice insurance is a critical component for physicians, offering protection against legal claims regarding their professional practice. However, insurers often assess the risk of insuring a physician based on past claims, disciplinary actions, or board sanctions. This risk assessment is crucial, as it influences the insurer’s decision on whether to offer coverage and at what cost. Physicians with a history of legal challenges or claims are frequently deemed high-risk, making it difficult for them to obtain traditional malpractice insurance. This classification as “hard to place” stems from the insurer’s perspective that past incidents may predict future claims, thereby increasing the insurer’s risk exposure.

The Impact of Being Hard to Place

The designation of being a high-risk physician has significant implications. First, traditional insurance carriers may outright refuse coverage, leaving these professionals in a vulnerable position without the necessary protection against potential claims. In the event that coverage is offered, it may come at a prohibitively high cost, reflecting the increased risk. 

Westwood Insurance understand these challenges and have a wealth of experience in sourcing suitable insurance for medical professionals in the ‘hard to place’ category. Contact us now and let’s get started in finding a suitable solution for you. Contact us now.

what options are open for hard to place physicians?

Risk retention groups are a viable alternative for hard to place medical professionals

Risk Retention Groups

RRGs are liability insurance companies owned by its members. For physicians who are hard to place, joining an RRG can be an effective solution. These groups can sometimes accept hard to place physicians.

Surplus lines insurance is an alternative for hard to place physicians

Surplus Lines Insurers

These insurers specialize in covering risks that standard insurers refuse. While they may offer coverage to high-risk physicians, it’s important to note that their premiums can be significantly higher, and they are not always subject to the same regulations as standard insurers.

Tailored insurance solutions are an alternative for hard to place physicians

Tailored Solutions

Working with brokers like Westwood who specialize in high-risk profiles can sometimes yield customized insurance solutions. These brokers have the expertise and connections to negotiate coverage terms with insurers that might not be widely advertised.

Commercial Property Insurance

State High-Risk Pools

Some states have established high-risk pools as a safety net for physicians unable to secure insurance through the private market. These pools can provide a viable option, though they often come with higher premiums and may have limited coverage.

Professional Liability Trusts are a viable alternative for hard to place physicians

Professional Liability Trusts

In some cases, joining a professional liability trust can offer an alternative to traditional insurance. These trusts, often set up by professional associations or similar groups, provide a collective self-insurance mechanism for members.

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