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why do social service providers need insurance?

Professionals involved in social work increasingly need liability insurance as a shield against the rising tide of legal challenges. This trend reflects the heightened legal scrutiny and the complex ethical landscape social workers navigate. The escalation in litigation, evidenced by a stark rise in adverse actions reported against social workers—from just two instances in 1990 to nearly a thousand by 2019—paints a vivid picture of the growing risks faced by those in the field​​.

Liability insurance for social workers transcends basic financial protection; it embodies a layer of security that allows these professionals to focus on their mission of aiding individuals and communities without the looming threat of legal entanglements. This insurance plays a pivotal role in covering legal expenses and settlements, safeguarding social workers’ careers and their personal assets.

The spectrum of claims leading to lawsuits against social workers is broad, encompassing allegations from breaches of confidentiality to failure in duty of care. As social workers continue to confront these challenges, liability insurance remains a critical element in their professional toolkit, ensuring they can carry out their vital work with confidence and security.


how much does social work liability insurance cost?

The cost of liability insurance for social workers can vary widely, based on several factors including location, experience, and the specific services provided. On average, standard cover of $1 million per incident and $2 million aggregate can range from $480 per year for each social worker, to $1,200 per year for self-employed clinical social worker.

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what types of insurance do social workers need?

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

This is necessary for social workers with their own facilities. It  covers medical expenses and attorney fees resulting from bodily injuries and property damage your facility or organization could be legally responsible for.

Business owner's policy (BOP insurance)

Business owner's policy (BOP insurance)

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a comprehensive insurance package designed for Medical Professionals with small to medium-sized businesses, providing a blend of liability protection and property insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance overs any negligence or mistakes made by the individual social workers during their practice. It differs from General Liability insurance, which covers the practice itself. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

This is relevant for social workers who use a vehicle for your practice-related tasks. This insurance covers you against auto accidents, theft, and other vehicle-related incidents.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is usually mandated by law, to protect social service practices and their employees in case of work-related injuries or illnesses.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Covers you against financial losses associated with data breaches, cyber attacks, and other cyber incidents. Insurers will usually conduct rigorous testing of your online system to fix vulnerabilities as part of this policy.

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FAQs on liability insurance for social work

Do social service providers still need insurance, even though they may not administer medical treatment?

Absolutely. Any professional who is providing some kind of diagnosis and recommendations should be covered by professional liability insurance to protect them from litigation by a patient or client who believes they have been harmed as a result of that diagnosis or those recommendations. While insurance can be expensive, not being insured can cost you everything.

Do social service providers have to pay the same insurance premiums as other medical professionals?

Not necessarily. The cost of insurance premiums is calculated on the amount of risk the insurer takes by providing the coverage. If you work in a field that traditionally has a low number of claims, you should have lower premiums than say a physician in an emergency center, where there is a high risk of claims being filed.  But the insurer must also take future trends into account and sadly, both the number of claims and the amounts being awarded for those claims are trending upward.

Why are the number of claims and payouts for those claims on the increase?

It’s a combination of many things. While many claims are genuine and justified, there is a growing trend in our society for people to take no responsibility for their actions and try and pass the blame on to others. There are also a growing number of predatory lawyers who encourage patients to lodge claims where they otherwise mightn’t, as lawyers stand to make a small fortune from a successful claim. Juries also appear to be more inclined to want to hand out punishment to medical professionals these days in the form of unusually large payouts. 

We can only guess the reason for this alarming trend, some experts believe it is as a result of frustration they feel with medical professionals over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whatever the reasons, sadly the whole community shoulders the cost of these payouts as  the cost of health care increases proportionally to increases in insurance premiums.

Do social service providers need other insurance beside professional liability?

As social service providers are running a business of some kind, even when they are working from home, they should consider the usual insurance business owners have. If you employ staff, you are required by law to have workers compensation insurance. You may also want a general liability insurance coverage in the event that a client or patient is injured while on your premises and cyber insurance to protect you from cyber and ransomware attacks, where hackers freeze your patient records and demand a payment to release them. It’s best to have an experienced medical insurance consultant take a look at your individual situation and tailor a package to your needs. You may find it’s more affordable to get everything as a package. Contact us today.

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General Liability Insurance

Protecting healthcare organizations against increasingly crippling litigation.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protecting medical professionals against increasingly crippling litigation.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Protecting medical professionals against increasingly crippling litigation.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Protecting healthcare organizations & professionals against cyber attacks.

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