What’s Hot in 2023 – Carrier Appetites for Healthcare

by | Aug 19, 2023

The insurance landscape is ever-evolving, and understanding the latest trends can help commercial agents identify opportunities in the marketplace. When we assessed the appetites of a sampling of our top carriers – certain classes of business in healthcare emerge as the frontrunners for preferred insurability.

Here’s a closer look at the “hot” sectors in the healthcare industry based on these carriers’ preferences.

  1. Telemedicine: The Rising Star
    Without a doubt, the most dominant trend is the emphasis on telemedicine. All carriers we assessed expressed a strong inclination towards insuring telemedicine, reflecting the industry’s pivot to virtual care, as possibilities continue to be unleashed by technological advances. Carriers also appear to be comfortable with the risks, especially when providers follow established telehealth guidelines. This makes it a go-to recommendation for commercial agents.
  2. Urgent Care Clinics: Stable, Even Amidst Urgency
    Urgent care clinics seem to have a steady track record when it comes to malpractice claims, possibly leading to their favorability with all assessed carriers. Commercial agents can consider this a relatively safe bet.
  3. Imaging: Clearer Insights, Clearer Risks
    A majority of sampled carriers showed an interest in imaging services and medical imaging. The preference for imaging services suggests that these services, when done right, come with a lower risk profile. With advanced equipment and trained professionals, malpractice risks may be better managed.
  4. Occupational Health and Therapy: A Controlled Environment
    Occupational healthcare and therapy cater to the health and wellbeing of the workforce. The majority of sampled carriers expressed preferences towards these. Perhaps their provision in controlled work environments, offers carriers more comfort in assessing risks.
  5. Pharmacy Services: Medication Management
    The majority of our sampled carriers also lean towards insuring pharmacy services, suggesting a better understanding of the protocols they follow, and perhaps fewer claims histories than other sectors.
  6. Community Health and Primary Care: The Foundation of Healthcare
    Most of our sampled carriers show an inclination towards insuring community health clinics and primary care clinics. Routine check-ups and regular consultations could translate to predictable risks, making these clinics a preferred choice.
  7. Dental and Eye Care: Dispensing Safety
    The majority of our sampled carriers have indicated a preference towards both these sectors, while all of them had an appetite for Dental. Despite being specialized, standard procedures in dental and eye care may result in fewer unexpected risks, thus gaining carrier favorability.
  8. Phlebotomy: Structured and Regulated
    Describing this category as both blood, organ, and tissue services and Phlebotomy, The majority of sampled carriers were hot on these services.Tightly regulated protocols in this industry hint at structured operations and controlled risks.


The healthcare industry is a vast and varied landscape. As the sector evolves, insurance carriers adjust their preferences to stay in line with current demands and trends. Telemedicine’s unanimous acceptance among carriers is a testament to its rapidly growing importance. Staying informed on these trends is crucial for agents aiming to identify opportunities in the marketplace and provide the best recommendations to their clientele.

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